Loom – Hyperbolic

Loom Hyperbolichttp://www.barkowleibinger.com/archive/view/exhibition_loom_hyperbolic

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construction inspiration


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revised pavilion concept

Experimentation with a “broken tube” form and model on the site. Details and further concepts to come. The tube is used because it is an expression of movement and flow. This has been incorporated by architects like Zaha Hadid. Click HERE to view the images.

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Kanye West Runaway

Inspiration for everyone.

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Check out KitFit

Elective Blog of an open-build residential fit-out lifestyle dealing with rethinking the idea of personal choice, customization and flexibility in mixed-use residential urban buildings. We are constructing a full-scale fit-out exhibit + interactive display of our ideas. Check it.

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ready, set…THESIS!

HERE are the initial thoughts I have recorded as overarching ideas for a thesis topic. Comments are much appreciated. Precedents and .PDF coming soon. The idea is directly linked to the PROjECTS in this semester’s studio as well as readings, field study, and critical thinking about current trends and issues in the real world of architecture + environment.

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PROjECT_2: Pavilion manifesto + images

Check it out here. Images from first mid_review and prelim process for a public pavilion on Ball State’s campus. GOAL: to revitalize meaning and purpose to dead spaces on campus through the application and manipulation of a material using “linear architecture.”

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